SPA Girls Podcast – EP201 – How To Avoid Saggy Middles

We’ve all had experience with saggy middles… (And no, we’re not talking about our stomachs…)

Have you ever gotten to the middle of your manuscript and wondered what on earth you’re doing? Do you end up cleaning the whole house instead of getting back to your daily word count? Does it feel like you’re typing through concrete, and you couldn’t concentrate on getting more words down for the life of you?

This is the episode for you! 

We talk about the middle of our books, what they should have in them, and how you can get over that terrible saggy story that sometimes emerges in the middle. We talk about getting over your blocks, fixing what might be wrong, and how to set yourself up for success.

This episode is all about how to survive when you’ve moved past the exciting beginning, and are still miles from that thrilling ending… 

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