SPA Girls Podcast – EP199 – Interview with Adam Croft

Want to hear how a world-wide bestselling author got to where he is today? 

Join us as we talk to UK crime novelist Adam Croft about his writing career, including how he generates his ideas, how he writes, and how he creates those amazing hooks that he’s so well known for. (No, really, would you murder your wife to save your daughter? And what would happen if you were married to a serial killer?) 

He also discusses the mindset shift he had to have before he could become a bestselling author and why he believes the best way to be successful as an Indie is by having a long term, organic, business-minded view of publishing. 

We loved talking to him for his sensible, rational view of publishing, and also for his smooth British accent…and you will too! 

You can find him at:

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