SPA Girls Podcast – EP195 – The Magic Pill For Authors

We all want a magic wand to be waved over us, or to swallow a pill and instantly be amazing authors. 

But that’s just not possible. 

Learning to write takes time and hard work. There’s no way around it.

This week’s guest, fantasy author Laura Van Arendonk-Baugh, talks about our expectations as authors, and why we think we’re going to be amazing right from the moment we first pick up a pen (or put fingers to the keyboard). 

And she should know. She’s a behavioural scientist who works with problem animals and she loves to break down and assess the how and why of our behaviour. 

She talks about why we expect so much of ourselves, how society views talent versus skill, and gives some mind-blowing tips on how to trick your brain into doing exactly what you want, i.e. get the writing done! 

She also talks about how to deal with things like fear of failure, our writing not being as good as we want it to be, and how to keep going despite the barriers we put up. 

You can find her at:

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