SPA Girls Podcast – EP190 – Dictation With Scott Baker

Are your wrists giving you problems?

Thinking you need to get out and walk more? 

But still have to write all those books?? 

Then this episode is for you…

We talk to dictation expert Scott Baker about all aspects of dictation, from the right software to get, the products and technical knowledge you need to get started, and how to train that dragon to within an inch of its life!! 

Scott talks to us about everything from how to set up the dictation equipment correctly, the different ways you can dictate and how to make it as accurate as possible. 

He’s hugely knowledgeable, and is very generous with his information, so if you’ve ever wondered about dictation, or are considering getting it set up (or even tried and couldn’t get it to work properly!) then make sure you listen to this episode!  


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