SPA Girls Podcast – EP187 – Interview With Forensics Expert Geoff Symon

Want to figure out how to create the perfect crime for your cozy mystery character to solve? 

Or find out how your investigator protagonist would investigate a murder? 

Perhaps you just want to find out what investigators look for at a crime scene so you can figure out what to plant at your fictitious scene? 

Well, your questions will all be answered during this in-depth chat with Federal Law Enforcement Special Agent, Geoff Symon. 

A forensics expert with 20 years of experience, Geoff was able to give us his expert guidance on crime scenes for authors, giving us the correct language (it’s spatter not splatter, people) as well as explaining jargon like ‘crime scene integrity’ and ‘crime scene cross-contamination’, and even what an investigator might get wrong when you need them to make mistakes for your story. 

He was also able to debunk popular stereotypes, and give us a behind the scenes glimpse into forensics investigations in the US, all in his charming, personable style… 

Another fantastic guest for Mystery May, giving you valuable insight into crimes and the people who solve them.  




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