SPA Girls Podcast – EP186 – What Authors Get Wrong About Weapons of Mass Destruction

Have you ever wondered whether your character would survive holding highly enriched uranium metal in their hand?

What about if they’d handled that green goo from the barrel marked with a radiation symbol? 

That’s the kind of knowledge that you’ll get from listening to this hilarious episode of the SPA Girls Podcast. We talk to Natasha Bajema, an expert in national security issues, especially weapons of mass destruction (WMD), nuclear proliferation and emerging technologies.

She’s worked at cool places like the Pentagon and the National Defence University during her career (and yes, you can find out what she says to security every time they insist on searching her at the Pentagon).

Using examples from television shows like Madam Secretary, House of Cards and Jack Ryan, Natasha talks about how WMD like radiation, biological weapons, and chemical bombs really work, and how authors can avoid making terrible WMD faux pas… 




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