SPA Girls Podcast – EP180 – Book Descriptions with Brian Meeks

Ever wondered if your book description could be better?

Ever thought it should sell more books? 

Then this is the episode for you. 

Brian Meeks, description-writer extraordinaire, talks with us about how to write a kick-ass description that will sell more books, and help amp up your advertising sales.

Turns out, it’s all about copywriting. 

And writing the best hooks you possibly can. 

Lucky for us, Brian takes us through every aspect of writing hooks to help you write your next description. 

In fact, we get him to do it on the fly, by giving him a description to fix, on air, as we listen. 

Thanks to Cheryl and her newly released book, Doughnuts and Disaster, Book Four in the Maple Lane Cozy Mystery series. Cher was brave enough to give Brian her description for him to have a go at re-writing – and believe me, he didn’t pull any punches!!

This is raw, honest, and exciting copywriting at its best, and you can listen in as the master creates a new blurb in less than 30 minutes!

Here’s the original description for you to read as he re-writes it: 

Maddie’s best friend is in danger!

A killer on the loose makes hairdresser, Angel, lose her appetite and because we’re talking a batch of her favourite jelly doughnuts this means the gloves are off for Maddie and her friends.

Wanting to make amends in theory sounds like a positive thing, but when someone who is part of Angel’s past arrives in town, that’s why things begin a slippery slope into disaster.

An ugly murder has Maddie, the Sheriff, Big Red – her faithful Maine Coon cat – and the Girlz back in action as they try to protect Angel from a mystery stranger.

Or is it someone she knows?

There are clues a-plenty and maybe a few red herrings in the fourth book in the Maple Lane Mysteries.

The new version written by Brian Meeks LIVE on the show:

The threat was real.

Her best friend could die.

Can Maddie save her in time?

The call surprised her. Maddie had been baking jelly donuts
for her best friend’s salon for years. Now, the order has been cancelled. What
does this mean? Is it the first sign of the apocalypse? Her friend adores the
donuts and now Maddie must get to the bottom of this mystery.

What is going on?

Angel loves her days in the salon and her clients enjoy
sweet treats she orders from her best friend, Maddie, but there’s just one
problem, the stress of a killer in town has taken her appetite.

And this isn’t the only thing worrying her.

Why would Angel’s ex-husband be back in town?

Maddie’s boyfriend, the sheriff, hasn’t been able to crack
the string of murders. She may need to give him a gentle hand with this one.

You’ll love the clues a plenty in this cozy mystery, because everyone enjoys figuring out the riddles.

Get it now.

Click this link to check out Brian’s book on writing descriptions.

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