SPA Girls Podcast – Ep 227 – Elana Johnson Part One – Productivity

USA Today bestselling author Elana Johnson writes adult contemporary beach romance and Christian Cowboy Romance. She’s the author of over 130 books across two names, and in January 2020 just hit a 6 figure month for the first time.

We talk to Elana about how she balances her workload because we know she’s doing well on the marketing front which is such a big topic these days and definitely needs to be factored in to your day.

Elana works over 2 projects at a time. Once her current WIP and the second is a ‘fun’ project. When the main one is done then the second becomes her current WIP. This way she is always ahead of the game and there’s no wondering what to do next.

But the most interesting fact about her amazing productivity is that Elana will write around 8k a day (more if she can) and some of this is around her commitments to her high school daughter. Every wait in the car after school and during practices is utilized. With the help of a car steering wheel desk (yes, it’s a thing!) she manages to work instead of wasting time.

When most of us would be checking messages or Facebook Elana has that time factored into her schedule!

With these questions and more, be inspired the way we are:

– Did you start off being this fast?

– Can you tell us how you do it? What are your best tips for the younger player?

– What’s the most important aspect of being productive? What’s the most challenging?

– Can anyone do it?

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