Skyship Thrive by Ginger Booth

An ex-cop who cannot die. A moon full of settlers who cannot thrive.

Mahina’s terraformers built a high-tech urban paradise. Then Earth flooded the colony with desperate refugees, cop Sass Collier among them.

The settlers who arrived with Sass died decades ago. Outside the citadel, their descendants die weak and young.

Sass fought a rebellion against the city once. She won concessions to give the settlers a chance at health. She paid with 20 years in prison.

Now she’s out, a reformed character. She assembles an oddball crew doing odd jobs. She intends to mind her own business – how to make a profit on the skyship Thrive.

But her fellow settlers are still failing.

While her business model careens toward circus acts, Sass dares to defy the city again, to solve Mahina’s failure to thrive.

Pick up Skyship Thrive because you love upbeat character-driven SF with fun technology. Suggested for fans of Firefly or Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper books.

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Skyship Thrive by Ginger Booth

A Review

ScFi with heart, humor and a motley crew trying to thrive…

A thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable, and thought-provoking introduction to a new world with a great set of characters. The world of Mahina comes to life as Captain Sass Collier, an ex-con with the heart of a crusader, collects a motley crew who seek to help the settlers on Mahina and themselves thrive. The great backstory is woven through the storyline developing characters with depth. The story has many layers and is the great start to characters, a world and a universe I can’t wait to see grow! Ginger Booth weaves a wonderful tale which I hope she will add to soon.

~ Jen L.

About Ginger Booth

Skyship Thrive by Ginger Booth

Ginger Booth is a writer and programmer. She’s worked in the seismic industry, semiconductor electronics, academic research in biology and environmental science, and online teaching simulators. She lives in shoreline Connecticut, with crops spilling out the balconies and down the driveway.

Visit Ginger Booth’s website.

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