Here’s a few of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the newly emerging genre of Visionary Fiction.  For me Visionary Fiction is Soulful writing. Why?  Because this type of writing emerges from  a very deep place within the Author.  I know from personal experience.  Its writing requires an open heart, open mind, so very open that one connects with the very depths of one’s Self which is in essence at one with the entire Universe.  From this space, the purest expanse of Visionary Fiction flows.  The writing of Visionary Fiction flows from deep insight, from Cosmic wisdom.  A Visionary Fiction story may encompass the everyday ordinary while simultaneously going beyond into realms of enhanced states of Being, uplifted Consciousness, transformational alchemy and even paranormal realms.  My understanding is that Visionary Fiction is simply ancient wisdom for a modern world.


In a Visionary Fiction story the focus and main theme will be upon a character’sinner experience.  Thisinner experiencewill ultimately transform the character and/or life by supernatural events or enhanced modes of perception expanding beyond the usual.  This could include such types of key experiences as dreams, psychic abilities, and journeys to realms beyond.  The Author will take the reader through a story that highlights metaphysical experience. The reader will feel an openness of mind and heart by reading the story.  And the reader will naturally begin to envision new possibilities for life on Earth through this more open state of Being.  This is the very fundamental beginning of transformation for the reader and eventually for life on Earth.  The reader may become consciously aware of the potential for personal empowerment, creativity, happiness, peace, and love.  It’s the vision of a more complete experience of all one would hope to be.   To envision is the first step in positive progressive life transformation.  By this very fact we can see how very … Continue reading

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