The Scattered and the Dead 1.5

by Tim McBain & L.T. Vargus

The Scattered and the Dead saga continues in this short volume featuring four returning point of view characters and two new ones.

Survival. Murder. Snow.

Winter is here. The cold spreads over the land, shriveling and choking out all the plant life. Harsh. Unforgiving. The first winter without electricity will surely claim more human lives as well.

The isolation may do more damage than the cold, however. Too much time alone drives people to unthinkable acts.

Praise for The Scattered and the Dead series:

“Strong character development, brilliant story telling, and undercurrents of spot on dark humor.” – Michele

“Dark and fast-paced with vivid imagery… In some ways it reminded me of Stephen King’s classic, ‘The Stand.'” – Michael J

“Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus have written yet another spectacular and vivid story.” – Heather DiAngelis

“Thrilling. Meaningful. My new favorite series.” – GC MacQuarie

“Between the crazy ass characters, the pictures painted and the emotional zombie roller coaster, this is a must freakin read… like now.” – C. Munger

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The Scattered and the Dead 1.5

A Review
“This book is comparable to The Stand by Stephen King in terms of just how damn good it is… I’m a hardcore Stephen King fan and I don’t say this lightly. This book is amazing.”

~ Rain.

About Tim McBain and L.T.Vargus

l-t-vargusL.T. Vargus grew up in Hell, Michigan, which is a lot smaller, quieter, and less fiery than one might imagine. When not click-clacking away at the keyboard, she can be found sewing, fantasizing about food, and rotting her brain in front of the TV.

L.T. Vargus now lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her special man friend/writing partner, Tim McBain.

She likes YouTube videos of cute animals, mystery novels, punk rock, and pizza.

tim-mcbainPeople say your author bio should tell the world why you write. I write because life is short, and I want to make something awesome before I die.

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