Running Down a Dream: Your Road Map To Winning Creative Battles

A Deeply Personal Field Guide to Defeating Your Own Worst Enemy.

When you dream, you envision a magical future…the day when you have heroically slain your dragons and unlocked the creativity and genius buried deep inside.

But how do you actually get to that destination?

You can analyze the myths of visionary creators—artists, writers, musicians, software developers, etc. who have accomplished the impossible. You’ll read about how they went for it, refused to quit, and would not be denied. But exactly how these successful creators went from being fearful dreamers to accomplished artists proves elusive.

Running Down a Dream unflinchingly bares the naked truth of creation and shares the practical to-do list to take you from here to there.

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What Comes With The Dust

A Review
“Running Down a Dream is a book about how to do the thing most people want to do but tell themselves is too scary, too hard, too unlikely.”

~ Ryan Holiday, Bestselling Author of Ego Is the Enemy and The Obstacle Is the Way

About Tim Grahl
Tim Grahl is the author of “Running Down a Dream” and “Your First 1000 Copies”. For over a decade he has worked with top authors and creatives including Daniel H. Pink, Barbara Corcoran, Hugh MacLeod, Hugh Howey, Chip and Dan Heath, and many more. He has run the campaigns to launch dozens of bestselling books and built and sold two companies.

Through that time he also had a marriage that teetered towards divorce, suffered from anxiety attacks and a personality disorder, and had the IRS subpoena him. Tim hopes his story will inspire and help people during the pursuit of their dreams.

Visit Tim Grahl’s website.

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