Rosa Mundi by Gerald R. Stanek

As a hospice worker, Tanika is accustomed to the unsettling poignancy of death, but when she finds herself at the bedside of visionary self-help guru Orina Baladin, she is changed forever. Tanika gets that “falling up” feeling, and starts seeing things that others don’t see: auras, glowing orbs, the net of light underpinning all things.

Orina’s followers feel like their whole world is dying. Her grandson, biosystem engineer Bennett is taking it especially hard. Some say he’s just grieving, but even his beautiful childhood friend Willow Acharya worries his depression is so severe he is losing touch with reality.

Tanika sees something more in Bennett’s quiet manner, and he seems to see something in her.

Before she passes Orina gives Bennett a centuries-old journal and whispers something in his ear about “the crossing” and “the river.” Despite his father’s protests, he sets off on a mountain road trip to fulfill her dying wish. Tanika goes along, to keep him grounded.

Then a shaman appears from beyond the veil. The journal gives up its secrets. Tanika sees things she could never have imagined and finds herself in possession of an ancient navigational instrument, and a plan to populate a new world with a new species, Homo Spiritus.

Will Willow and the others keep them from finding the place of conjunction in time?

Rosa Mundi is a hopeful meditation on the nature of reality, consciousness, and existence.


Available June 30th at:

Rosa Mundi by Gerald R. Stanek

A Review

If you are a spiritual seeker or have ever struggled with a spiritual calling and how to fulfill it, then Rosa Mundi is a book for you. If you feel a longing to explore multi-dimensional realities, if you sense there is something divine that you are compelled to connect with, or you welcome benevolent powers trying to connect with you, then Rosa Mundi is a book for you. Gerald Stanek’s newest novel is Visionary Fiction and spiritually themed with a definitive literary fiction slant.

~ Jodine Turner, PhD., Author of The Hidden Abbey

About Gerald R. Stanek

Rosa Mundi by Gerald R. Stanek I have written several books in the relatively new genre of Visionary Fiction. As I write I seek to be an active participant in the exchange of energy and information between the mundane and ethereal worlds.

My latest works, The Road to Shambhala and Contact: and Other Impressions, and now, Rosa Mundi focus on the interplay between these realms and the effect of transcendental experience on subjective reality.

When I finished my first novel, The Eighth House, there was no such designation as Visionary Fiction in the publishing industry. The book didn’t fit the fantasy, adventure or mystery molds, and so it waited on the shelf. It dealt with expanding awareness, meditation, visioning, divination, the return of the Divine Feminine, and evolution toward a unified humanity.

Since then I have studied the esoteric teachings of various traditions and worked to become a more conscious writer.

Visit Gerald R. Stanek’s website.

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