The Road to Shambhala by Gerald R Stanek

From the author of Skirting the Gorge, and The Eighth House comes a new novel of initiation. Brendon Pearce has no faith in faith. He doesn’t believe in thinking his way into positive places like his sister Cassidy. He doesn’t believe in psychics or spirit guides, but they believe in him. Seeking a new life, or at least an escape from his old one, Brendon finds himself among artists, UFO enthusiasts, healers and psychics, who urge him to take advantage of his opportunities, and ‘conquer the lower three worlds’.His life is soon filled with intimations, portents, and unexplained phenomena. With their encouragement, he begins to learn the truth about himself, the Earth, and the cosmos. For Brendon, the road to Shambhala leads through Ojai, Sedona, dreams, and of course, the heart.

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The Road to Shambhala by Gerald R Stanek

A Review
“I’m glad the hippies came up with the term “blow my mind”: otherwise, I couldn’t really describe The Road to Shambhala. It’s spiritual physics in the form of a novel. I’ve read a lot in metaphysical thought, and lots of the time, much of the same thought is recycled — not here! Not at all! I’ll be reading it again to focus on the parts that are especially outstanding; it’ll take more than one reading to absorb the ideas.”

~ Elizabeth Oakes.

About Gerald R Stanek
GeraldRStanekAs a student of the esoteric teachings of various wisdom traditions, Gerald R Stanek’s writing focuses on the interplay between the mundane and ethereal worlds, and the effect of transcendental experiences on subjective reality. The characters of his novels and stories, such as The Road to Shambhala and Contact and Other Impressions seek to be active participants in the expansion of consciousness and the evolution toward a unified humanity.

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