ReCO₂gnition by Mark Dowson

In 2112, dystopia is upon us, and the United Nations Authority is trying to stop energy and technology behemoth GIATCOM from destroying society once and for all. At the vortex of this futuristic struggle is twenty-first-century inventor Dr. Ben Richards, who created a way to harness wind power, a clean and renewable energy that could have changed the course of humanity if he hadn’t died under mysterious circumstances. The UNA sends an enhanced human cyborg back to 2017 to prevent the assassination of Richards, after determining that he is key to saving the world from becoming a nuclear wasteland. Meanwhile, GIATCOM is sending android doppelgangers back to 2017, to thwart that effort and capture Richards for its own purposes, setting up an epic battle between future powers in the past.

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ReCO₂gnition by Mark Dowson

A Review


~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About Mark Dowson

ReCO₂gnition by Mark DowsonMark Dowson’s own inspiration to write the trilogy of books has come from his knowledge and experience gained in carrying out his own personal wind energy research at a Masters of Science degree level. The story’s foundation is based on his own factual research dissertation and has transformed and expanded upon these facts to create an exciting fictional mystery thriller. Mark has published a Wind research article for Amida recruitment based on his wind research. Mark has worked on some of the most prestigious renewable power generation projects in the UK as a practicing Commercial Manager for the past 15 years which substantiates his factual research being valid and reliable.

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