Purple Kitty: A Serena McKay Novel by Chariss K. Walker

“My name is Serena McKay and I’m a private eye. I’m paid to investigate. I look into things. I snoop. I find missing persons. I explore child abductions. I stalk the stalker. I shadow spouse and child abusers. I scrutinize tarnished reputations and ill-gotten gains. I find out ‘who’s doing who’ and the nitty-gritty on the secretive of this city. My A-List specialty—abduction, abuse, adultery, and any asshole that gets in my way.

“My goal is to help people. If possible, to stop bad things from happening. If not, right the wrongs created by those events. A lot of people would like to stop me, especially my enemies at The Department. But, I can’t quit…too many people depend on me.”

Serena McKay, P.I., isn’t your mother’s favorite female sleuth. Enjoy the gritty story of a feisty, albeit flawed, private investigator that gets down and dirty solving crimes. Other books in this series: Yellow Scarf & Blue Cadillac.

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Purple Kitty: A Serena McKay Novel by Chariss K. Walker

A Review
“I received this book for free for an honest review of the book!! The book was great!! I really enjoyed it.it was about a parent greed and not caring about their child. I will recommend it to my family and friends!!!”

~ S. Fox

About Chariss K. Walker
chariss-scottChariss K. Walker, M.Msc, an award-winning author, writes fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical message. Whether thriller or coming-of-age, Chariss shares life lessons and experiences with her readers. She grew up in the Mississippi Delta and currently lives in Amarillo, Texas.

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