Promoting Your Visionary Fiction Title in Goodreads Lists

The Goodreads Lists feature is a great way to raise awareness of your books among readers they will appeal to.

Promote your book title in Goodreads lists.

Let’s say you’ve written a visionary science-fiction novel with a strong female lead character. Readers who’ve enjoyed other sci-fi or visionary novels with a memorable female lead are more likely than the average reader to be interested in your book. If they do read it, they’re also more likely to enjoy it – and to leave a positive review. When they’re searching for their next book to read, they may use the Goodreads Lists feature to see what is out there. So you want your book to appear in the list they’ll see when they search and, ideally, on the first page. Here’s how to tap into this free tool.

Join Goodreads and – if you want to – set yourself up with an author account. Once you’re up and running, search for your book to make sure it is listed on the site. (If it isn’t, you can add it easily: click the link “manually add a book”.)

On the task bar at the top of the screen, go to “Browse”; then select “Lists”. Look for the “Search lists” search box and type in key words or phrases appropriate to your book. Goodreads will display the lists which relate most closely to those search terms. Searching lists for “visionary fiction” displays a dozen lists, including one that only features books written by VFA authors.

Many readers aren’t familiar with the term “visionary fiction,” even though they enjoy … Continue reading

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