Project Venture: The Dallas Initiative by Billy Williams

Join the crew of the E.E.S. Venture on this thrilling ride of action, mystery, and deceit as they embark on a top-secret mission to salvage a long lost piece of Earth Alliance history. Follow Captain Jacob Riley and his senior staff as they discover things lurking in the darkness, deadly enemy threats and unravel a web of secrets that could help them understand what happened to Earth and all that was lost during the interstellar war that changed the course of the human species.

Will they survive a deadly onslaught from the brutal Venra Confederacy?

Can they complete their mission? And who on board is not quite what they appear?

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Project Venture: The Dallas Initiative by Billy Williams

A Review
“Billy Williams bursts on to sci-fi scene with a massive universal bang. He brings a fresh new approach to science fiction that has a wonderful homage to the greats of the past.

The story is fast paced and nonstop action pack full of twists and turns that make you eager to read more from the series which I am hoping is not too long of a wait.”

~ Aaron

About Billy Williams
Billy Williams was born and currently lives in south-east London. Growing up in a loving and supportive family he was always encouraged to pursue his passions in life. He has always had a firm interest in all things science fiction, from movies, TV shows and most importantly books. His love of writing, however, only developed in recent years, after an idea for a science fiction story became something so much more: Project Venture – The Dallas Initiative was the culmination of these ideas, a first in a series of books that Billy hopes to create, bringing a breath of fresh air into the science fiction world and capturing the imaginations of a new generation of readers.

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