Prime Derivatives by Jen Kerson

Taylor thought it was the height of hilarity to watch him run, forget about the mass he was attempting to control and stop suddenly. His tail end would slide past his front, and he’d keep going until he remembered and stop by digging his front claws in. Colt resembled a small cowboy, complete with a gun belt slung over his hips and a black hat. His hadn’t got the hang of using his new legs, and the resulting bowlegged lope made him look like he’d been riding a pony all day.

Taylor thought Gizmo had gotten a bad deal and told Julian so. His body was simply a cardboard box with a black smiley-face drawn on it positioned atop a larger cardboard box. Four accordion hoses came out of the larger box to form arms and legs.

“He looks funny,” Taylor whispered. “And I don’t mean funny ha-ha, I mean funny, broken. Can’t you fix him?”

“I like it,” said Julian, snapping the bracelet on. Gizmo tried to stand and his accordion legs waffled under him. He fell forward. Julian gathered him up without a word and took him back to his room. Taylor didn’t bust out laughing until after the door shut.

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Prime Derivatives by Jen Kerson

A Review

Wonderful, ‘Magical’, Witty – Highly Recommend!!

Very well written ‘magical’ SciFi book. The story has great structure and pace, keeping you interested and engaged the entire way. The characters were very well written and fleshed out, and the writer kept your interest in them throughout the story. The ‘surprise’ that is revealed by the main character in Chapter two was certainly a delight and throughout the book it was the unexpected twists that made me want to keep reading, hoping for more.

This adventure brings many surprises and without revealing too much, twists that include, among them, my favorite which was the ‘augmenting’ of the teens. This a witty, magical, science fiction adventure that I highly recommend. I look forward to the next book in the series!

~ A Kindle Review

About Jen Kerson

As a card-carrying alien herself, Jen Kerson was born at some point before paper was invented. Legend has it that her birth certificate can be found in the Petroglyph National Monument, assuming you’re an archeologist and/or can understand pictographs. She taught herself how to read long before she ever started school, and has since been writing dry, academic things that are of no interest to anybody. That’s okay though–in that world, you just pretend to understand and nod a lot. More recently, she has been working on the Prime Derivatives Series, which is essentially the written work of a very demanding set of teenagers who have been whispering their stories to her. Now that the first of their stories have been told, the voices are louder and more insistent that anyone would think possible.

She enjoys reading dystopia, books on magic, werewolves, vampires, demons and any other strange creature or being who remind her of her neighbors. She can be found in the barrens of New Mexico, trying to find the remnants of the Mother Ship with her dog, Scout.

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