Plain Brown Wrapper by Greg Lynch

Impoverished college student Allison Kerry only thought her life was complicated. On a broiling August afternoon in Dallas, it’s about to get much worse. Political blackmail leads to a political payoff gone terribly wrong and the money ends up in Allison’s hands, but she has no idea where it came from or who lost it. When those who lost the money try to take it back, Allison starts to realize she’s stumbled into something far worse than she imagined. To make it through, she’ll have to run a gauntlet of corrupt politicians, hired thugs, a sociopathic dog-catcher, a foul-mouthed mob hit man and a pearly-toothed televangelist.

Armed with only a single ambiguous clue and the help of someone she isn’t sure she can trust, Allison has many questions, few answers and far less time than she thinks to piece everything together.

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Plain Brown Wrapper by Greg Lynch

A Review
“This novel’s title intrigued me (plus the fact that it’s set in Dallas) and it totally delivered! Chapter 1 is off with a shot as you’re introduced to some of it’s most eccentric, though completely plausible, characters. I read this book in 10 days, which is pretty quick for me especially considering that it’s relatively long, because I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. I guess you could characterize this novel as a wacky caper, just bizarre enough to ring true. I’m looking forward to reading whatever Greg Lynch comes up with next– I think he will prove to be to Texas what Carl Hiaasen is to Florida. Lynch includes lots of little winks and “inside jokes” for readers familiar with the Dallas area, though any reader could find it relatable. An excellent summer read!!!”

~ Jennifer Guest.

About Greg Lynch
GregLynch_headshotA native Texan, Greg Lynch grew up in Dallas and has worked careers ranging from reporter to private detective to public relations, most of which involved shamelessly sticking his nose into other peoples’ business and writing about it.

Passionate about writing, Mexican food and college football, Greg lives in Dallas with his wife, his daughter and an assortment of animals.

Plain Brown Wrapper is his first novel.

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