Payback by Charlotte Mills

Det. Constable Kate Wolfe is sent to a Cheshire backwater after falling foul of a disciplinary hearing in London. But before she even has a chance to settle in, Kate finds herself in a situation there’s no coming back from. She’s reported as a troublemaker to her new boss, Det. Chief Inspector Helen Taylor, a no-nonsense veteran who once had an esteemed, high-profile career.

The pair investigate a spate of arson attacks, a dead body found in a burned-out building, and a missing architect while fighting their growing attraction for each other. The discovery of a dumped vehicle in a quarry lake sparks a series of events that will change their lives forever.

A thrilling lesbian mystery about trying to right a past wrong…despite the consequences.

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Payback by Charlotte Mills

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~ Aaron Yeagle

About Charlotte Mills

Payback by Charlotte MillsI guess I would describe myself as a southerner even though I have lived in the north of England for some years now, I work hard to keep my accent intact. After having a career in visual arts, conservation and education where writing has always been in the background I finally took the plunge with my first book in 2014 (Unlikely Places). I try and write at least a few days a week while holding down my current job.

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