Opener of the Sky Book Three of the Tales of the Children of Stone

“I had grown fierce and hard
Thrilled by death, torture, blood
the madness of it when I tasted its warm saltiness
A warrior god.”

… from the poem Howl by Mary R. Woldering – as told by Raemkai 2012

Marai, a former shepherd who discovered a fallen ‘star’ and was gifted with amazing abilities by the unearthly Children of Stone, has been separated from those he loves. He begins a desperate mission to find them, but the spectre of wickedness and corruption is never far behind and his journey to wisdom becomes even more uncertain.

While Opener Of The Sky, the third book in the Children of Stone series, is the story of Marai’s magical search for his companions, it is also the story of Maatkare Raemkai, a sadistic, shape-changing warrior-prince whose twisted relationships once propelled him into power and then nearly destroyed him. Through sorcerous manipulation of the women Marai loves, he has planned his own revenge. The shepherd turned sojourner is just in the way. Will Marai be too late to save those he loves or will he have his victory?

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Opener of the Sky Book Three of the Tales of the Children of Stone


A Review
“Maraii comes alive in this one. But any Male reader learns much of how Women think! I found this so Educational! The passions of the characters keep my attention! This is a pulsing, passionate story I have reread now twice! So much spiritual Art is this! I’m made to feel I am living it! Although just a bystander my soul feels the way the characters feel! I can’t express my gratitude for the lovely mind who has created this journey!”

~ Dennis Michaels

About Mary R. Woldering
Opener of the Sky Book Three of the Tales of the Children of Stone Years ago, when I began to study mythology, it occurred to me that the gods and goddesses never seemed divine. They acted like super-talented people full of very human passions and shortcomings, appearing in different legends like threads woven into the tapestry of time and various cultures. This idea fascinated me and began a journey of recording and relating these stories. I weave them through all times and spaces as I chronicle all I have encountered.

Mary R. Woldering is an author, artisan, art historian, madwoman, visionary and devoted wife to Dr. Jackie F. Woldering, mother of Ruth and Thom and grandmother of four. She lives in Euclid, Ohio.

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