Open Me: The True Story of a Magical Journey from Fear to Freedom

Leanne had it all—the relationship, the career, the dream home, and lifestyle—what more could she want? But in spite of “having it all” her heart was longing for something else. Tormented and guilt-ridden by the thought of hurting loved ones, terrified of other people’s judgment, what could she do? Open Me tells the story of how Leanne listened to her heart, followed her inner truth, and found her way—to freedom.

“Poignant, funny and inspiring, Open Me is a revealing and insightful memoir about finding the courage to choose and the wisdom to surrender.” Catherine Cooper, author, White Elephant

“Open Me is a brave, honest, touching and wildly adventurous true story. Leanne emerges from each page as a spiritual pied-piper, teaching us how to ask and listen, trust and let go.” Darlene Stewart, Executive Director, Groups & Events, Cineplex

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Open Me: The True Story of a Magical Journey from Fear to Freedom

A Review
“Beautiful, touching, memorable. Every woman on a journey of self-discovery will relate to this book. Every man wanting to understand woman will gain from these pages.

Thanks again for your inspiring read.”

~ Donna Nett – Labyrinth Guide, Intuitive Healer,

About Leanne Babcock
A first-time author, Leanne has worked in the corporate and public arenas delivering courses and doing one-on-one coaching on leadership, presentation skills, coaching training, intuition work, and shamanism for over 30 years.

As a child, she had many psychic experiences and quickly learned there was much more to life. Passionate about understanding her own gifts and learning about the human spirit she studied various streams of psychology and neuro-science enabling her to use and to expand her many skills.

Leanne works with clients helping them deal with the challenge of following their heart. She runs retreats, courses, and offers one-on-one coaching sessions.

Visit Leanne Babcock’s website.

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