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While selecting from among big-list-best-sellers for the VFA bookstore, I grappled with the question: What books are appropriate to the visionary fiction category?

In order to resolve my query and narrow my choices, I relied on the expertise of three people familiar with the genre: John Alegeo, lecturer and writer in the Theosophical world; Hal Zina Bennett, PhD, Author-Publishing Consultant; and Talia Newland, Editor, Author, Publisher.

Books appropriate to the visionary fiction-VFA bookstore-category

  • “Visionary fiction reveals aspects of this world that are sharply at variance with the common assumptions of the man-in-the-street about what his world is really like. It helps the reader to see the world in a new light, to recognize dimensions of reality that we commonly ignore. It transforms our vision of ourselves and our environment.”  ~John Algeo 
  • “Visionary fiction reaches beyond the surface of things, touching the deeper mysteries of the human experience beyond ordinary, everyday consensual reality.” ~Hal Zina Bennett
  • “Visionary fiction is more obviously ‘spiritual’ in nature and an individual’s movement towards self-actualization is a primary theme.” ~Tahlia Newland

At the time of this writing, the VFA bookstore lists over one hundred novels written by its members, many of whom have won awards and merit VFA recognition.

However, this post focuses on the visionary work of five best-selling authors generally known for their mastery of genres other than VF, such as mystery, suspense, even horror.

Some of the well-known authors who’ve ventured into “the visionary” may surprise you. Take for instance: Alice Hoffman (Practical Magic: 2017), Kazuo Ishiguro (The Buried Giant: 2016), Rebecca Serle (The Dinner List: 2018), John Updike (Of the Farm: 2004), James Hilton (Lost Horizon: 1933), and the following authors, whose work I’ve … Continue reading

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