Nathaniel Hex: Orb Bearer by HR Bolling

When 14-year-old Nathaniel Hex visits the remote Vermont town of, Mystic Hallow for the summer, he had no idea his life would undergo such a drastic change. Since the moment of his arrival to his grandfather’s farm, strange and unexplainable occurrences have been responding to his presence. Each passing day brings a night of anxiety and terror, and the suspicion continues to grow that his grandfather knows more than he is sharing.

Mysteries plague his thoughts. His only peace of mind comes from a white German Shepard named Sudora and CC, the girl next door. This was until a malevolent entity reveals itself to him along with a generation’s old family secret. Relieved that he’s not losing his mind, he confronts his grandfather for the truth. What he learns is beyond belief.

Nathaniel is the next bearer of the Blue Kryvesic Orb – a divine charm from the magical world of Kryvesia; which Nathaniel finds himself precipitately visiting. Kryvesia is a place of pure imagination. However, From the moment of his arrival in, the fight for his life began as he is hunted by an evil that is determined to destroy the Orb Bearer. Hope remains as he is escorted across this land of unimaginable beauty and fantasy by Uraliah — A phoenix fairy warrior and the only person he can trust. The two of them team up with a group of battle elves From Carniffia and journey to the Starlight Palace where they seek the aid of the Devouine Fairies. To get there they will have to face giant jungle creature, living dead dark elves, and flying demon bats to only end up in a horrific battle between good and evil.

The fearless armies of mystical beings join forces against the ferocious servants of ‘Him’ in hopes of getting the Orb Bearer safely back to Earth so that he can one day save both worlds.

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 Nathaniel Hex: Orb Bearer by HR Bolling

A Review

I am completely enamored with the tale of the Kryvesic Orb!!!! H.R Bolling has truly taken our imaginations on a voyage to the unknown, a page-turner and classic, great gift for everyone! A must-read!

~ Sean A.

About H. R. Bolling

Nathaniel Hex: Orb Bearer by HR Bolling

H. R. Bolling is a native of Trenton, NJ but now resides in the Southern New Jersey area. His literary brilliance has identified him as an exceptional writer who loves creating wowing tales in the fantasy and fan fiction genres. A member of many author groups and founder of The Royale Press publishing company, H. R. Bolling works tirelessly to introduce the works of an undiscovered writer, both adults, and children. Writing for over 15 years, he got his start early as a teen producing many hand-scribed short stories and even full novels by age 16 – many of which were recognized in school. In 2013, he organized Royale Readings – a writer’s group for local indie and aspiring authors and artists to come together, share ideas and also encourage one another in their craft. H. R. Bolling also founded HoRo’BoL, an entity within The Royale Press that produces literary works for all ages and HoRo’BoL Kids for child authors.

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