Mysterious Moorings with Mouse Sam & Lucy’s Magical Canal Adventure by Kitty Irvine

Sam and Lucy are taken on a canal boat holiday by their parents, but they find it rather dull. One day whilst out walking they came across a girl and her dog who are lost. They decide to help get Myrtle and her dog Mompy get home again. The three children end up having the most amazing adventure on ‘Mouse’. They visit a Frog circus and meet the King and Queen of the Frogs! They meet mystical characters who help them solve the clues to find their promised treasure and it means a whole new life for all the family – and a wedding!

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Mysterious Moorings with Mouse Sam & Lucy's Magical Canal Adventure by Kitty Irvine

A Review
“Fabulous story and new characters. Pictures are lovely – easy reading for children.”

~ “Grandma”

About Kitty Irvine
Kitty Irvine grew up in the north of England and married her husband in 1985 and in the early 1990’s they moved to a small Scottish island. They lived a very rural life. It took one and a half hours to get to the mainland by ferry. Their water supply came from a ‘wee burn’ and in the winter they collected wood to burn to keep warm. They learned many life skills and met some amazing people.

They were offered a position in private domestic service traveling around the world.

After 20 years they were lucky enough to take early retirement in 2015, that’s when the writing started!

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