Mysterious Moorings with Mouse Peter & Emma’s Magical Canal Adventure

As usual, Peter and Emma are sent to their Grandfather’s for the school summer holidays and as always it will be the same old things to do and the same old places to go!

But this year is different, they discover a small canalboat called ‘Mouse’.

This leads them to a magical journey on the canals where they meet amazing mystical characters like Bob who plays the saxophone, Tippy & Tilly from Willowwood Snug and their brother Niblick.

Their journey also includes a meeting with ‘Black Bart’ who tries to steal ‘Mouse’ but is stopped by the quick thinking of Sophie (the most beautiful black cat) from The Protectors of Magical Mouse (P.O.M.M.)

They finally find their treasure, but it is better than expected and changes their lives forever!

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Mysterious Moorings with Mouse Peter & Emma's Magical Canal Adventure

A Review
“Once again they are are going to Grandpa’s for summer vacation. Same old stories. Maybe something new will happen? Yes!

The author shared this book with me for review (thank you). Grab a copy now, they’ve been published.

Grandma’s gone, Grandpa has dementia. But a little trip on the Mouse brings Grandpa’s memories to life and helps them nab him a special treasure.

How could having the family together again not be the best thing?

Mouse is creating miracles again! But watch out for Black Jack…”

~ Jo Ann

About Kitty Irvine
Mysterious Moorings with Mouse Peter & Emma's Magical Canal Adventure Kitty Irvine grew up in the north of England and married her husband in 1985 and in the early 1990’s they moved to a small Scottish island. They lived a very rural life. It took one and a half hours to get to the mainland by ferry. Their water supply came from a ‘wee burn’ and in the winter they collected wood to burn to keep warm. They learned many life skills and met some amazing people.

They were offered a position in private domestic service traveling around the world.

After 20 years they were lucky enough to take early retirement in 2015 and that is when the writing started!

Visit Kitty Irvine’s website.

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