My White Fiance by Yaffa Lawson

Yaffa’s short memoir of an interracial relationship with her then White boyfriend, Karl Frederick Schultz. The good, bad, and shadiness that she recalls they encountered among family and friends when discussing plans to marry. What color will our children be? came into importance when debating about their future offspring racial identity. In conclusion, Yaffa’s thought-provoking insight into her early adult life.

The question she asks herself today, “If I could do it all over again, what would I have done differently?” This book gives anyone who is in a similar situation, another perspective of how to overcome stumbling blocks that may be presented in their relationship. Though interracial families have evolved in the 21st century, there are still those in dating courtships, close-knit families ties, and society who have narrow-minded views. Yaffa’s short nonfiction can help educate others to be aware of the challenges faced when embarking upon an interracial union. Not to allow bigotry to win but cast it off so that everyone can prosper as human beings.

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My White Fiance by Yaffa Lawson

A Review
“A stirring a very personal account of navigating interracial relationships in America of the early ’90s. Yaffa weaves an emotional story of her first boyfriend, Karl; and how they discovered so much about themselves and the world around them. Their personal struggle for acceptance, for themselves as well as families and coworkers, can provide a path toward love for all those who are in a different kind of relationship: interracial, mixed-religion, and differing expressions.”

~ Aaron Yeagle

About Yaffa Lawson
Yaffa Lawson was born on November 19, 1975, and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has written over 6 books. “The Bishop Daughter” and its sequel “Welcome Back Chassidy” are the first two books she published through Publish America then Lulu self-publishing. She enjoys writing fiction where her Characters have a dissociative identity crisis. Those Books would be “Former Classmates” and “A Passionate Tortured Witness.” She found this style of writing fit for the employment she undertook as a Teacher counselor in a treatment center. Though she likes the psychological conflict in her writings her last two books have been nonfiction “I Love Being A Mormon: Jesus Still Saves Souls in the Spirit World” depicting her spiritual appreciation towards her Mormon faith. While her most recent memoir “My White Fiance” goes into depth about her early adult life, making the decision to marry and have children yet never materializing because of racial bias. Overall, Yaffa is a diverse writer in all genres that seem right for that moment. You are always welcome to view her Author’s page. Best of Luck!

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