Mirrors of Life by Neal Owens

In the mixed days of happiness and sadness, an African-American woman guides her children to avoid the pitfalls of their hardship environment and leap over the systematic roadblocks that confine many to juvenile delinquency.

This riveting tale of faith and perseverance leads to intrigue when her spiritually inclined and ambitious son, Derrick, attempts to build a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices set by a group of greedy businessmen.

Surrounded by fierce opposition that includes people of his race, can Derrick prevail against the powers that be? And if so, how?

This God-centered adult/literary novel engages the reader with drama, familial love, romance, suspense, and philosophy.

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Mirrors of Life by Neal Owens

A Review

I recommend this book to anyone interested in a story that inspires your thinking process. The author takes you on a journey, using his wonderful characters to tell their stories of life experiences. It’s definitely full of action, romance, and takes your heart through a sea of emotions.

~ Foxtrot, on Amazon

About Neal Owens

Born and raised in Washington, DC, I wrote my first story in the fifth grade but didn’t consider writing a profession when I pondered over career choices. After 33 years of service to at-risk youth as a sports coach and mentor and 23 years of non-profit management, I resigned as Director of Operations and decided to pursue my passion for writing novels and short stories. MIRRORS OF LIFE is my debut novel.

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