Mildred by Steven Spellman

Otis Remmy is a man who loves his country, his family, and his guns.

There isn’t much left that he cares about besides the trailer he lives in, the pickup truck he drives, and the guns that represent his right as an American.

But strange things begin to happen at the gun range where Otis lets off steam.

Strange things begin to happen at Otis’ job.

Terrifying nightmares began to plague his sleeping hours and cause him to perform poorly at the job he’s worked for 12 years. Soon, the very way of life he’s built for himself is in peril.

The only thing Otis is certain of is that it has something to do with the old woman that lives next door.

Otis has never seen the old woman leave her house except for three weeks out of the year. Well, those three weeks are here and the old woman is out in her front yard, refilling a bird feeder that draws in birds that are just as strange as everything that’s going on in Otis’ life.

These aren’t your everyday birds.

And Mildred is not your everyday old woman.

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Mildred by Steven Spellman


A Review
“Reminiscent of Stephen King’s earlier, less verbose work, Steven Spellman weaves an insidious tale with believably unbelievable characters with sinister desires. Mildred is a dark, moody piece that will have you wondering about the thoughts in your own head.”

~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About Steven Spellman
Mildred by Steven Spellman You should never judge a book by it’s cover. As well, you should never judge a writer by his bio. With that being said, Steven Spellman is writer for readers who enjoy stories, born in East Orange, New Jersey, raised in North Carolina, Steven Spellman has been a drug dealer, a prisoner, an armed felon, a college student, a father, a husband, a sinner, a saint. His ongoing struggle with life is a personification of the fact that You Should Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover; you may miss the whole story.

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