Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT by Karl Dawson, Sasha Allenby

Matrix Reimprinting is a completely new personal development technique that dramatically improves health and wellbeing by allowing you to access and transform painful memories that may be holding you trapped in the past. It was developed from the popular self-help technique EFT, a meridian tapping therapy that has shown outstanding results with both physical and emotional issues. Matrix Reimprinting advances EFT by incorporating all the latest developments in the New Sciences and quantum physics. This technique can be self-taught and can help you to overcome a variety of health and emotional challenges, including negat ive beliefs, addictions, phobias and traumas, allergies, relationship issues…and many more. Whether you are brand new to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting or are a seasoned practitioner, this book contains a wealth of techniques and protocols that you can use on yourself, your family, your friends or your clients.

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Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT by Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby

A Review
“No other book or course or spiritual center has been able to do for me what this book as done. It is incredible. Do yo yourself a favor and read it. Whether you new to the practice of EFT or a long-time practitioner, the matrix reimprinting techniques are a must-learn for everyone. You will change so much about your life, and so quickly! You can’t afford not to read this and use the techniques.”

~ Alexandra Wojciechowska.

About Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby

Karl Dawson, the creator of Matrix Reimprinting, is one of only 29 EFT Masters worldwide. Karl has been at the leading edge of the personal development industry since 2003, and trains practitioners and speaks at conferences worldwide. Sasha Allenby overcame two ‘incurable’ health conditions using Matrix Reimprinting. She has contributed greatly to the development of this technique, and is the author of Joyful Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.

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