Manifest Your Dreams: Your Miracle Mindset by Pratima Kumar

This book is for those interested in reading self-help books and motivational books. In this book Author Pratima Kumar points out about the hidden power we all possess which most people are not aware of. They are ignorant of their inner power. You may have several desires in life. But at some point in time, you might have experienced that all your desires couldn’t be manifested. People have limiting beliefs that are deep-rooted since their childhood. Because of their limiting beliefs, they struggle in life and experience failure. In this book, the author clearly explained how you can reprogram your brain and manifest your dreams. If you are confused about your goals, through this book you will learn how to do self-analysis and come to a conclusion about your ultimate goal. This book explains about:

*Different types of mindset we all have and how we act in our life.
*How we can have positive attitude towards life.
*Limiting beliefs we have
*How to get rid of limiting belief
*How to avoid negative people
*How to avoid negative situations in life
*How to unleash the hidden power inside you
*Different levels of Mind – Conscious and Subconscious Mind
*The Power of your subconscious mind
*How you can focus on your goals and bring it into reality
*How you can transform your life and make it better
*How to manifest your dreams
*Proven techniques to manifest your desires in life
*How to manifest wealth and abundance
*How to manifest harmonious relationships
*How to materialize what you want in life
If you want to transform your life and live your dreams, then this book is for you. Read this Personal development book and implement the proven techniques taught in this book and manifest your dreams. You have a miracle mind. Unleash your potential and create your own destiny. You are not born to struggle and face failure. Instead, you are born to enjoy your life, attain great knowledge and experience all good things in life.

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Manifest Your Dreams: Your Miracle Mindset by Pratima Kumar

A Review

I have so much being carried away by this small book; I kept listening to it incessantly. I mean daily.

I can’t benefit from something that I would not like to let others too benefit from it. It will be marked as a selfish act from my part.

I highly recommend it for you to get your own copy for the content is highly rich.

God bless you.

~ Fayiah LEIBA

About Pratima Kumar

Manifest Your Dreams: Your Miracle Mindset by Pratima Kumar Pratima Kumar was born in India. She is a Self-help coach. She went to England to study Masters In Business Administration (MBA). After completing her Master’s degree, she came back. She got married and settled in United States. She is very passionate about gaining knowledge about spirituality and self-help. She read lot of books and attended several spiritual and personal transformation workshops. She successfully completed courses on Reiki, healing and meditation. She is in this field since more than 16 glorious years.

She always had a knack of writing. During her youth, she started writing her day to day experience and feelings in her diary. After a few years when she got inclined towards Personal transformation and personal growth, she started a blog on Self-help.

She experienced a dramatic change in her own life. She manifested lots of her dreams in life. By getting inspired by her own experience through Personal growth and transformation knowledge, she developed and published an online course on Self-help – ‘Mindfulness Meditation Combined with Subliminal Messages’ and wrote the Book ‘Manifest Your Dreams: Your Miracle Mindset.’ She helped many people in transforming their lives through her coaching. She has plans to write more Self-help books in the near future.

Since she is passionate about marketing, she is also running Digital marketing agency.

Visit Pratima Kumar’s website.

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