Lucid Dreaming: An Explorer’s Guide by Patricia Smith, M.A.

The word lucid means mentally clear or conscious awareness in a dream. Achieving the awareness of self and the ability to know you are dreaming while dreaming is the official definition of Lucidity. However, there is low lucidity and high lucidity. We want to achieve high lucidity where we can actually control the dream. Not just achieve awareness.

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“I’ve been a vivid dreamer ever since I could remember. Then after a number of years, I started to have dreams that we’re as if I was actually acting/living in the dreams vs. being a ‘watcher’. I then learned that those type of dreams had a name ‘Lucid Dreams’. So, began my hunt for what exactly is a lucid dream and how do I learn more!

After spending time and money purchasing books & audios and watching YouTube videos on the topic I had a better idea of what lucid dreams meant but, nothing that helped me get a fuller understanding of the state of lucid dreams and how to get there and then unravel what I was experiencing.

Then, here comes the “LUCID DREAMING: AN EXPLORER’S GUIDE” by PATRICIA SMITH, MA. Her book is small and to the point offering so many answers to help folks learn and put into (practical) practice ways to unleash the full power of their own lucid dreams!

I love her statement and agree wholeheartedly “I believe dreaming is a much more powerful way to accelerate our best life into action.””

~ Phillis Benson

About Patricia Smith
Lucid Dreaming: An Explorer's Guide by Patricia Smith, M.A. I became personally interested in dreams due to a childhood struggle with nightmares that increased during my teens. After trying to find an explanation ranging from chemical imbalances, too much sugar, repressed trauma, and even the possibility of demons!

I discovered a unique type of dreaming experience called Lucid Dreaming, a type of dream had many reported benefits including overcoming nightmares.

My hope is this book will work the wonders for you that it did for me.

Visit Patricia Smith’s website.

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