Love Machine by Neveah Hor

In the year, 2050, among the humans on the streets, there were these very few others. Others who were made in the biggest technology company, AITA (artificial intelligence and technological advancements), what humans call, the guardians. They were crossbreeds of humans and animals which had the highest Intelligent Quotient (IQ). They were created to protect all citizens with their special abilities. However, they had one enemy. The citizens called them the poachers. They are from another company, The Royal AI. This company was the second most advanced company and they wanted all the glory of AITA. To win them over, The Royal AI had to prove themselves worthy and they resolved to hunting down the guardians to kill them all off by creating their own crossbreeds. Life for the guardians were not that easy. Humans just did not understand one thing. These guardians they so often talk about did not want fame. They wanted something else…

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Love Machine by Neveah Hor


“Furry fandom meets Aesop’s Fables meets Japanese Manga meets Power Rangers! This is a unique and interesting story by a 13 year old girl living in Singapore with a targeted reading audience of 16-19. She uses anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics to deliver stories of morality, romance, and life lessons. It works nicely.”

-Clark Wilkins, author of A Compelling Unknown Force

“DON’T EVER INSULT MY PET OR ANYTHING IN THE OCEAN!” must be my favourite line in this book. Love Guardian is the story about the cross breeds and their quests for love and normal lives. Lots of fun moments, lots of transformation, but no lack of evil schemes and actions. The book focuses more on the progression of romance, so that’s what readers should expect starting this.”

-Daniel Newwyn, author of The Colour of Your Voice

“I want to start off by saying this story is truly unique. Humans who turn into animals and are known as “guardians”. . . it’s an idea I haven’t really seen before.
I enjoyed the two different generations of characters and how the main villain continued to be a feature of the plot. I’m a big fan of continuity in books and also references. . . so the Romeo and Juliet references sold it for me too.”

-Andrea Officer, author of Just Two Strangers in the Crowd

About Neveah Hor

Love Machine by Neveah HorNeveah Hor, born and raised in Singapore, is the author of Love Machine. She published her first book at the age of thirteen. She likes to write, read and enjoys Ballet. She writes mainly under the genres of Young Adult, Romance and Fantasy. She won several writing contests at the age of nine. She is currently receiving her education in Singapore and lives with her parents and an elder sister. She is just an ordinary teenager who holds a pen and paper as she enters the world of stories. She hopes she could be someone’s favourite author one day. Her passion for writing never fades.

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