Love, Care and Share by Tom Herstad

Margie was a widow at 38 with 4 children, but this did not stop her from helping others on their life journey; Her spare bedroom was rarely empty. After she passed away in the summer of 2011 her son and daughter decided to go and find eighteen people who spent time in their home over a 15 year period starting in early 1980. It took three years to find everyone and interview them. Some of these people also wrote letters on how their time with Margie imparted on their life.

Her “Message” is in every story.

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Love, Care and Share by Tom Herstad

A Review

What I liked about this book is the way it felt in my heart, hands, and mind as it walked me through time inside a family. Through each of their ups and downs filled with deep love and deep pain as Margie used what she knew within her to guide and grow her family both immediate and chosen. A mother to all. Yes, and her transformation journey, as well as Tom’s, is a beautiful commitment between two siblings to share their mother’s powerful effect on many hearts through writing Love, Care and Share. It opened my heart and filled many places with a new love. – We all can Love, Care and Share and we should. It is time to share more stories like this with the world so we can see a stellar example of peace on earth and goodwill towards all men and women through always doing the next right thing. This story keeps it simple. Margie’s Principles and mystical connection to God and Spirit by following her heart, and shine brightly throughout each chapter “singing” to us her method. Using her three golden principles. LOVE, CARE AND SHARE: A Message for Us All – is a book that I highly recommend. It will open your heart and take you on a transformation journey of your own. I love Margie and find myself talking to her often. Thank you spirit for connecting me to the Herstad’s.

~ Kellie J. Wright, Self Love Transformation Guide, Host Conscious Speaks Radio Alternative Talk 1150 AM KKNW, Transformational Speaker, Author, Blogger.

About Tom Herstad

Tom Herstad has always been a forward thinking, always up for any challenge life may throw at him.

Born and bred in Toronto, Canada, Tom has been an avid hockey player, coach, passionate outdoor adventurer, cooking over camp fires and enjoying the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay.Tom Herstad Book Launch Love Care Share

Throughout the last 25 years, Tom has had a profound impact on the people he has dealt with in business and in his personal life.

Love, Care and Share is about a Lady who has “A Message For Us All”. It is also stories of what he has learned over his 5 decades. He would like to see more people look deeper into their own lives and see what they can do to experience more happiness and fulfillment.

In his book, Love, Care and Share you will find a treasure trove of possibilities and how they can impact and inspire you to pursue a more gratifying life experience. See how readers have been impacted by these stories with their posted Reviews.

Tom Herstad, a marketing expert, entrepreneur, lighting designer who has been bringing physical light into homes for many years is now bringing transformational light into the hearts of families everywhere with Love, Care and Share. One woman made the difference in numerous lives, and her stories can help us better understand what is important. Helping us better understand our own lives as well as the lives of others in our circle of influence. Tom is offering this message of light and hope to a world in need. Love, Care and Share is available nationwide on all major and minor book buying sites, See Below.

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