Living Nightmare by D. M. Dore


Night after night in the fourth-floor ward of the Mendwell Institute, Tobin Blake awakens screaming from nightmares of gruesome deaths and tortured souls. Therapy isn’t helping, the drugs aren’t helping, and lately the nightmares are getting worse. When a new doctor and his hypnotist colleague arrive promising breakthroughs, most patients are relieved, but Tobin senses something deeper is amiss. Now a stranger is hiding cryptic clues and suspicious newspaper clippings beneath her pillow, and when the nightly visions begin leaving bruises and scars on her waking body, Tobin must fight to retain what’s left of her sanity. A riveting supernatural thriller that will leave you wondering where nightmares end, and reality begins.

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Living Nightmare by D. M. Dore

A 5-Star Review

I am swooning. This is one of the few horror novels I’ve read that has enraptured me and kept me enthralled from beginning to end.

D.M.Dore is an excellent writer; she’s created living, breathing characters and a livid tension that I haven’t experienced before. I had flashes of Silent Hill, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and The Shining among other brilliant works of horror. At 411 pages it isn’t a quick read but you’ll finish it in now time at all. I highly recommend this twisted journey.

~ A.C. Yeagle

About D. M. Dore

Living Nightmare by D. M. Dore D. M. Dore is an avid reader with an ever-increasing book collection slowly taking over her home. She has wide range of interests including sci-fi, fantasy, and all things supernatural. She wanted to be a superhero growing up (still does) and uses that dream to create characters with supernatural abilities, witches coming into their powers, and creatures fighting their inner demons. Creativity and a wild imagination livened up her childhood as she and her five siblings put on homemade plays and pretended to be characters from children’s books. Writing became a new form of growing and sharing her imagination.

Living Nightmare is the first book of The Other Side of Gifted series, and takes readers into a world where there is a thin line between what is a dream and what’s reality.

She has a short science fiction story titled “Playing with Dolls” that will be included in book two of Tod Foley’s UbiquiCity series and is currently working on her next book in The Other Side of Gifted.

Twitter: @dore_deirdre
Instagram: dedge_106
Facebook: @dmdorewrites

Visit D. M. Dore’s website.

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