Little Lost Girl by Rick Kurtis

In a southern town, a man by the name of Ben gets caught up in a murder mystery of a little lost girl, who disappeared five years earlier. The spirit of Megan uses Ben to bring her killer to justice. Ben has to prove his innocence and confront a high official of the town. The only support he has is Megan and luck on his side.

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Little Lost Girl by Rick Kurtis

A Review

This book should be made into a movie.

~ Nora Jones

About Rick Kurtis

Little Lost Girl by Rick KurtisRick Kurtis always had difficultly with sharing his emotions with others, but after many years and of raising five children, he finally found that writing things down opened up a whole new world. With his new found love of writing, he shares his values of wholesome, loving, humor, and family values. He has over 57 books to release, from children’s picture book to help children learn about Christ and to deal with modern situations, to teen books, filled with humor, adventure and excitement. Other books are for adults, with wit, love and tears, leaving you with a fulfillment of joy that you want to share.

Rick Kurtis has also written a few screenplays that are filled with action, suspense, and heart-pounding excitement. He wants to bring enjoyment to the whole world.

His motto is, “Children’s happiness comes first.” And what better way to do this, by giving them something to read over and over, exploring with their own imagination.

Visit Rick Kurtis’s website.

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