Lilith Cohen Retribution by  William Manning

After Lilith slaughtered the president of Black Reign, she links back up with Dominic and Clare to go on the offensive and take the war to Colvin. But can she rely on her instincts anymore after suffering a crushing betrayal from the person she trusted with her life and heart?

Colvin knows his president failed to capture Lilith and now he will be upping his game in trying to catch her. Lilith is fully aware of the motivation behind Black Reign’s obsession with her. She must tread carefully after Karl’s betrayal. Anybody around her could be an enemy.

Will she be able to trust her fellow assassins anymore? Can she even trust her best friend Tiffany? Lilith knows she is just a product to her enemies, and that puts her and the Hunters at risk.

Now, Venora is in the picture again offering to assist Lilith with her war against Black Reign, only swells the flames of her inner conflict.

Despite all the internal and external struggles, Agent Cohen faces, Black Reign must be stopped whatever the cost.

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Lilith Cohen Retribution by  William Manning

A Review
“Received an ARC copy to review for my honest opinion. Mr. Manning has a great voice and ability to write a very strong woman who is still capable of deep emotion. As a writer yet to be published, there are those authors who make me want to throw in the towel. Mr. Manning is one of them. He knows his stuff, his characters are complex, and his writing is tight. After a significant amount of torture, her rescuer turns out a surprise. Now she’s in the thick of it–again.”

~ C Mahoney

About William Manning
I had a fascination with characters and story structure since I was in high school, but I didn’t really get the desire to write a novel till I was 23 despite my English teacher telling me I am going to publish a novel one day as most kids do I scoffed at him and well here I am I got two books on the market. Sometimes being a writer makes enjoying movies and TV shows a challenge because you see the plot holes.

I live in Tampa FL with my little dog Bella and my mother. When I am not writing I am spending time with my best friend Richard and Lupe or playing video games on my PS4 or catching up on shows I missed on Netflix. favorites shows are Game of Thrones and Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Ozarks, and Queen of The South.

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