Lilith Cohen: Merchants of Death by  William Manning

The first in the Lilith Cohen series. A world of intrigue, death, and betrayal. Some people play for sport but in Lilith’s world, its a play for your life.

Lilith Cohen the stoic veteran assassin augmented by Nanotechnology lives a double life with her husband of two years. Keeping him believing in a beautiful lie that his loving wife is just a fashion designer.

Agent Cohen travels to Golan Heights, Israel for what she thinks is just another run of the mill assassination, but to her surprise, there’s something off about the bloody Civil War that rages throughout Syria.

What starts as a routine kill order turns out to be anything but. This terrorist leader and his men are armed with advanced weapons, which leads her to one conclusion, there’s a Merchant of Death profiting from the bloodshed. Will her hunt for this shadowy profiteer send her down a road she wished she never went down?

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Lilith Cohen: Merchants of Death by  William Manning

A Review
“Worth every penny!
A smart, exciting and original book by an aspiring young author. The storyline is captivating, thought-provoking and leaves you wanting more. Aimed at intelligent and mature readers, William J. Manning delivers an epic action/adventure that is far ahead of its time. Highly impressed and I cannot wait to continue reading all of the upcoming books in the series. Well worth my time and money. Bravo!”

~ C Mahoney

About William Manning
Lilith Cohen: Merchants of Death I had a fascination with characters and story structure since I was in high school, but I didn’t really get the desire to write a novel till I was 23 despite my English teacher telling me I am going to publish a novel one day as most kids do I scoffed at him and well here I am I got two books on the market. Sometimes being a writer makes enjoying movies and TV shows a challenge because you see the plot holes.

I live in Tampa FL with my little dog Bella and my mother. When I am not writing I am spending time with my best friend Richard and Lupe or playing video games on my PS4 or catching up on shows I missed on Netflix. favorites shows are Game of Thrones and Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Ozarks, and Queen of The South.

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