Journey of the Consciousness – Neil Perry Gordon

During the writing of my novel, The Righteous One, my eighty-three year old father suddenly passed away. This heart-wrenching event shifted my intention from what started out as a lighthearted adventure story into an exploration of the connection between our physical body and our eternal consciousness or soul.

 The plot of The Righteous One focuses on the quest of the protagonist, Moshe Potasznik, a humble cobbler and tzaddik, who is sought out as the reluctant hero who will destroy the soul of the evil gangster and rasha, Solomon Blass. As Moshe learns, this deed can only be accomplished within the unbounded freedom of the dream world.

During the writing process, I pondered what had become of my father’s soul. At the funeral service, I heard comforting words from his rabbi, who offered the Judaic version of the afterlife. But I wondered if there was more of an understanding than the one espoused by one’s faith. I wanted more substance to help me understand the destiny of the consciousness once the body had passed.

 I’ve read about theories implying that the death of consciousness simply does not happen. One interesting analogy offered that we receive our consciousness the same way a computer receives a WIFI signal and that signal does not just disappear at the end of the computer’s life but continues to broadcast. This caused me to wonder: could our consciousness exist without a human body to contain it?

Let us circle back to our dreams. In The Righteous One, Moshe … Continue reading

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