JEOM by Russell Michael Berger

After receiving a distress signal from Earth’s 3rd intergalactic colony, Utopia, the Global Nations Council dispatches a PR stylized rescue mission that beneath the skin is actually a “cleaning mission.” Though, after managing a political pass through Mars’ blockade of the Milky Way, the task force quickly discovers they’ve entered a world dominated by a primal species that evolved into master guerrilla predators… and that they may not return alive.

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JEOM by Russell Michael Berger

A Review

COMING SOON … This is starting out really fantastic. Looking forward to finishing and getting y’all this review.


About Russell Michael Berger

Russell Michael BergerRUSSELL MICHAEL BERGER is a native of the Lehigh Valley (PA). He’s always had a passion for creating; whether that be via drawing, or writing. And one of the things that pulled him toward loving to create was comic books, inspiring him to pick up a pencil to create both visually, and literally.

A goal that he set out for himself and worked on for many years was to become a published author, he accomplished that goal in January of 2019 with the publishing of his first book — HEREAFTER: MAN’S SAGA.

​As a creator, his golden rule has always been to entertain but to be happy doing so. A very important view he holds that helped him on his journey, and he hopes that many other creators take on themselves, “So long as one person enjoys what I’ve created, I’ve accomplished my job.”

“I hope to touch many minds, hearts and souls on this (hopefully long) journey, and with fingers crossed and a long beard, may my work spread from today until long after I’m gone.”
—Russell Michael Berger

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