Initiative: The Difference Between Failure or Success

“Never forget that when it comes to humans, you are your best helping hand or even your only help. So this moment calls for you to stop waiting on people and start persistently helping yourself.” Edmond Mbiaka

Initiative starts as a seed that can grow into great beauty if you nourish it

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my forty-three years of life. A LOT of them! Everything I have ever learned is because I applied what bits of wisdom and knowledge I was given because I wanted to do better instead of benefiting from stupidity. People who want to learn will, no matter what obstacles they face. People who want to remain ignorant will, no matter what wisdom is put before them.

“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” Bruce Lee

You can teach a human to read the written language, but you cannot force them to listen to what the story is teaching. That takes initiative. And writing means nothing to a human in any language if that person doesn’t grasp the quality of the craft, or the opportunity in its meaning and what can be created with the power of words. writing-1149962_640

Every single thing we want in life will take initiative. Even silver platters must be polished to retain their shine.

Initiative: the ability to assess and initiate things independently. Initiative is a tricky endeavor. “All the advice in the world will never help you until you help yourself.” Fred Van Amburgh

“Once you start learning and helping yourself, you also empower yourself to keep moving forward. At that point, obstacles are just opportunities.” April Savage

You want to do better? Take initiative to learn the steps you need to start taking so you

No matter how frustrating it is to learn new things, there is always a learning curve. Initiative will help you master it. 

can do better. Let me give you an example: me. I started a finance career in the late nineties and had no freaking idea what I was doing. I had very little customer service skills, and no collection skills whatsoever. All I did know, what that I had a steady job with higher pay and opportunities to be better. To have a future.

I blundered through collection calls one after another the first night on the phones before my manager approached me, pulled me into his office. Yikes! He gave me a breakdown of how to approach people on the phone, on how to listen to them first, and to put myself in their shoes.

What if I had cancer and couldn’t pay the payments like some of my customers did? What if my spouse died and left nothing for me, a stay at home mom with no job? What if I lost my job and was the only source of income for a family of five? The what-if’s he gave me examples of shocked me to my core. Me, a young twenty-something woman with no kids at that time. learn-3653430_640

I really had no clue what some of these customers were experiencing. But it became my job to listen and understand them, because I was taught these things can happen to anyone. No-one is immune to disease, death and heartache.

If I had not have taken initiative to apply what my manager was teaching me, I would never have survived banking, collections and customer service jobs.

You want to succeed in life? Then in everything you do take initiative. Learn to be better, to do better, and apply yourself with intention. There will be obstacles. There will be

Not sure about your path in life? Paths are like obstacles, they are just opportunities that haven’t revealed themselves yet. 

hardships. There will always be something in your way to stop you from becoming who you were made to be. It’s funny how life works, because once you start seeing obstacles with eyes wide open, you realize they are just opportunities that haven’t revealed themselves yet.





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