Ignorance and the Digital Age

Somebody wrote a fake article claiming that Reese’s peanut butter cups were going out of business. The comments became a mass hysteria with “friends” and “family” on Facebook exploding with anger at the company and the: “how dare them! I will never buy any products from them again” comments flowing down the page.

Let’s believe everything we read online. After all, it’s real, right?

Disappointment and emotionally distraught people swore they would never be the same again.

You can read about this fake news here: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/craigsilverman/people-are-freaking-out-over-a-fake-story-about-reeses

In one swell swoop, not only did this fake article breed anger among the consumers, but it could have damaged their reputation as well. It could have cost them business, maybe it did. Now we all know peanut butter cups are going nowhere, but the truth remains: a person wrote that fake news piece.

Many more people commented, flagged, shared and complained first before even doing any research whatsoever to prove it otherwise. I think out of a hundred negative comments, I saw one post a rebuttal to prove it was in fact, fake news. But nobody read that fact, the comments continued for miles.

Welcome online! Hope you came prepared for all out war…

Humans really are flawed and imperfect, but that doesn’t mean we should be stupid. It doesn’t give us the right to believe every single dang thing published online. It doesn’t make us better humans when we comment in negative ways unless it is backed up by evidence or truth.

I just love the articles claiming something that is false, but yet the admin of the page doesn’t allow posts, pictures or other facts to discredit them. They just played God online and think they won.

A couple years ago during a hurricane evacuation someone posted a picture of a shark swimming on the side of the flooded road in a canal. Now every single freaking year that same picture floats on Facebook during a hurricane and people comment the most asinine things ever. They believe sharks swim on the sides of roads now in Florida before, during and after hurricanes.

Maybe Facebook should start an online accolades for the one who wins the virtual wars

You can check out this ridiculous shark photo here: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/shark-street-hurricane/

And there are the liberal posts. The republicans against the democrats. The gun-toters still against Obama. Or how about the I love the country posts compared to the city ones? Oh my goodness the comments when you say one thing online that you believe in compared to another is at its worsts levels.

My favorite though is the “Christian” posts about: “share this and you will be blessed!” “I am Jesus, if you love me and want to be blessed share this post ten times!”

No pressure, no pressure. You just keep posting the same”share this to be blessed shit” online until people start questioning if God will curse them if they don’t share it. Make them question their sanity and God when they do post and nothing happens. “But, but I shared it ten times! Where is my blessing God?”

Share this 10 times and Jesus will bless you!

Now, I don’t know what Jesus they serve. But the one I know doesn’t rake me over the coals and promise blessings “if” I share a post ten times, and if I don’t, he for sure isn’t going to reprimand me. He would rather encourage me to help others face to face, maybe help the fatherless and widow. Maybe write a novel giving others hope. That’s the God I know.

And I really appreciate the private messages from “friends” that start this foolish game of sharing and caring then God will bless you crap.

Gag me. **Unfollowed, unfriended** you annoying ass hats.

The online debacles are nothing more than double-standard hypocrisies and ignorant humans void of the facts. And even when there is truth and facts, most humans refuse to see it, read it, or comprehend it. Maybe they are afraid when they do see the truth, they will have to change their lives and what they think they believe, or feel bad about themselves when they don’t change.

I’m suited up and ready for this online political debacle!

But we must have nothing better to do with our time on this planet then get all emotionally riled up based on some crap someone posted or made online. We must be pathetic, bored humans to start arguments online based on a post. If that doesn’t work, then we research (online again) the so called “facts” to discredit the person with the post, or the one who made the comment that “offended” so bad.

Let’s all take a moment of silence for those humans who lose sleep at night because of the comments in the online world. **crickets** After all your comments are paying my bills, putting gas in my car, and fixing my meals, right?

Online debacles remind me of my five year old. He learned a new song in kindergarten, he keeps repeating it over and over: “I’m still standing! Yea, yea yea! I’m still standing!”

Maybe Facebook can start an online accolade program for the winners. Let’s see who wins that one.

If the internet crashed, humans would go crazy.

Let’s have a tug of war with words online instead of living our real lives, shall we?

Would they read a book? Would they actually pick up a pen and write? Would they sit in silence and think about their lives and choices? Maybe they would actually spend time with the other humans that matter to them. Maybe things would change.

Perhaps instead of online wars of ignorance and debates, perhaps us humans could back away from the lies and debacles and just be, just be what we were made to be. Humans, flawed in all aspects, but given this one moment in time to make a difference. To help others. To listen, to love, to enrich our knowledge and talents.

Life is so short. We spend too much time online, mindlessly scrolling through aimless battles with no weapons. Words hurt others, whether they are in person or online. Though I will say that online words seem to bring out the worst in humans, in all forms, in all emotional crutches for the world to see.

A perfect analogy of virtual reality with humans

Minutes tick by, we miss real life moments of blessings or opportunities to better ourselves.

Once stuff is published online, it stays online. And the sad thing is: online is a fake world, full of double-standard attacks, void of the facts with humans who don’t want the facts if they were presented anyway. We are killing ourselves emotionally and mentally over a virtual world that has no significance when we die.

If you add something of value to the lives of others, then that would make a purpose count. If you encourage others with a word of hope and love, that would help emotions heal.

But this online ignorance in a digital age is literally destroying reputations, getting people fired from their jobs, causing suicides and emotional damage, and leaving negative impressions with double-standard hypocrisies.

Do something that adds value to the life of others, and if you can’t do that, then for the love of God do something that adds value for yourself…offline.

Get a grip humans. Step away from the digital into the real world. Take a walk. Read a book. Go swimming, play with your kids, take your dog to the park. Whatever it is, get up off your asses and do something with your life. And if you are going to stay on your hind end, then do something that adds value to the lives of others.











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