Humans, Angels, and Visions by Ron Thurlow, Ph.D.

Humans, Angels and Visions has both instructional and autobiographical components, and begins with a brief history of my life and its many changes. My inner experience has been vivid with intense visions and lucid dreams, since early childhood and punctuated throughout my life. These visions have shaped my world view in many ways, and have guided me to focus on a spiritual search for meaning and purpose. This search has unveiled the predominantly hidden relationship between human beings and devas or angels. The nine instructional chapters in Humans, Angels and Visions have three essential elements. First: an education about what the Deva Kingdom is and how it relates to humanity. Second: help for individuals to resolve psychological barriers that inhibit progress on their spiritual path. And third: teaching meditation practices that lead to heightened spiritual sensitivity and refined perception. Finally, we look at the sacred geometric and metaphysical implications of my fourth vision as its key unlocks the door to a great fundamental truth. The book provides insights into the sources of fear, shame and anger and how to deal with these emotional patterns in order to achieve psychological maturity. We learn how to establish a series of spiritual meditation practices that allow us to expand our perceptions and sensitivity to vibratory rates that align with the deva kingdom. Our physical, emotional and mental functioning depends upon the quality of the forms through which our consciousness expresses itself. By working with the devas that build those forms, we can elevate the frequency of those structures to enable a wider band of conscious awareness to be made available to the fulfill the soul’s intent.

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Humans, Angels, and Visions by Ron Thurlow, Ph.D.

A Review

Humans, Angels and Visions is a well-integrated synthesis of impeccable Esoteric scholarship and intense personal experience. It is a treasure because it serves as both an introduction into the esoteric mysteries and a deep review for the lifelong student of Wisdom. But its greatest value is that it points the Way to the next step for our species at this dangerous juncture in the human journey – to befriend our partners in creation – the Angelic Kingdom. I will be referring to this book for a very long time to come.

~ Brock Travis, Ph.D.

About Ron Thurlow, Ph.D.

Humans, Angels, and Visions by Ron Thurlow, Ph.D. HUMANS, ANGELS AND VISIONS AUTHOR BIO Dr. Ron Thurlow’s life work has been to help people understand and realize their own inner spiritual truth. After 30 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, Dr. Thurlow retired and relocated to South Carolina in late 2018. It was then that he began to write Humans, Angels and Visions. Dr. Thurlow has been a student of metaphysics and esoteric teaching for more than 40 years. He began to study psychology in the 1980s. Ron found that merging psychology with his study of deep, abstract metaphysical principles offered practical, concrete knowledge for individuals to conquer painful or dysfunctional psychological patterns. Beginning in 1990, Dr. Thurlow worked with homeless people who were suffering with severe mental illness as an outreach worker with San Diego County Mental Health, and later as the Director of Mental Health Housing with a nonprofit agency, and finally as Homeless Services Administrator for the City of San Diego. Ron appreciates dedication to human service in all its forms, as the clearest indication of spiritual evolution. His vast experience in direct service, as well as in administration gives Ron a broad view of the human experience. After receiving a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology in 1986, Ron Thurlow was licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1989. He received a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2005 from the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, CA.

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