How – and why – was this book written?

Revelation AntarcticaEver since beginning to write while still a teenager (rather too many decades ago), the process was always very much a partnership. The concepts, frameworks and key elements seemed to appear unannounced. Sometimes at very inconvenient moments! In recent years, this phenomenon has become even more marked, particularly with the latest book which has taken me into uncharted visionary waters. Here is a brief account of the main stages in this fascinating chain of events.

The initial “capsule” arrived perfectly formed on 21 May 2018 as Venus gleamed in the sky one hour before dawn. A natural, predestined sequel to the monumental “Genesis Antarctica” completed the previous year. The title of this new work was self evident: “Revelation Antarctica“, and there was enough in that initial delivery to shape some 10% of the material during the following two months.

Work in earnest was taken up again in October and immediately assumed a whole new dimension. Within a few weeks of adding more chapters and polishing the earlier content, a new phenomenon became part of the equation.

This began one morning in early November, with an awakening just before 5 a.m. and an urge (or was it a command?) to start writing immediately. Plus a “directive” to do so every morning until 8 or 9 a.m. for as long as it would take to complete the mission. This routine was strictly adhered to for the next nine months, with no more than ten “exceptions” in all that time.

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