Holy Little Lamb, A Christmas Story by Michele Medlyn

Malachi has overheard the other shepherds talk about visiting the newborn Christ Child who has been born in Bethlehem. He knows that he must go with them, despite his father’s instructions to stay behind to tend the sheep. Malachi’s journey goes awry when he loses sight of the shepherds up ahead and ends up getting lost. With help from above, he completes his journey, an experience he will never forget. This is a picturebook, designed for parents to read aloud to their children, although a child with good reading skills could read it.

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Holy Little Lamb, A Christmas Story by Michele Medlyn

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About Michele Medlyn

Holy Little Lamb, A Christmas Story by Michele Medlyn Michele L. Medlyn was born in Mesa, Arizona. Although she lived in Texas for a few years, her roots are in Arizona, and she moved back for the last time in 1990, where she eventually met and married her husband, Ken. Having an active imagination as a child, Michele spent her childhood “pretending” with her best friend, playing cowboys and Indians, spies, dolls and anything else they could think of. Over the years, Michele doodled pictures and penned poetry for both adults and children, usually with some humor involved or a twist at the end. She even wrote a poem about her grandmother’s 60 year old hair that grandma couldn’t reach to shave! Having discovered she also had a talent for music at the age of 12, she spent much of her teenage years playing the violin and singing with a trio. The young trio found some popularity in their community and also performed on a local television show, competing in a talent competition up against none other than the now-famous Wayne Newton, who was a young teenager himself at the time, singing locally with his brother, Jerry. Although writing is her current focus, Michele continues to sing whenever the opportunity arises and now enjoys being able to direct her church choir as well.

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