HIM, After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik

After the UFO Crash– A UFO crashes in Florida and the world is suddenly endangered by a deluge of strange coincidences and hordes of murderers. Also from Dutch author, Koos Verkaik, comes his eerie and thrilling science fiction novel, HIM: After the UFO Crash.

Rocket scientist, Arthur Croft, sends a special capsule into space, hoping it will be intercepted by extraterrestrial creatures. Croft has an unshakable belief in the existence of intelligent life in the universe. Then, for no apparent reason, he commits suicide.

Jasper Froch, an American hippie, learns how to control the phenomenon of synchronicity and discovers that strange coincidences lead him in a certain direction. A Swiss psychiatrist asks Jasper to befriend a special mental patient, a rich American by the name of Francis Lockhart. Meanwhile, a UFO crashes in Sanguine, Florida.

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HIM, After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik

A Review

Him: After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik is a book you’ll read and then you’ll wonder did you really read what you did. Before beginning though, you must be sure to have your seat-belt on nice and tight, then hold on because you’re about to go on one twist and turned ride of your life. Once you open the first page, it will grab and hold you tightly until you finish reading the last page. Then when you think you have just read a fantastic part, up comes another one, then there is more and more. You will be kept on the edge of your seat as you read all the action, thrills and suspense that is on each and every page. The writing is amazing. After reading Him you may (as I did), wonder can this someday be in our future. This book is a must read for all. I gave it 5 stars but wished I could give it more because it deserves more. Koos Verkaik hit it out of the ballpark with this book.

~ Marjorie Springer

About Koos Verkaik

HIM, After the UFO Crash by Koos VerkaikKoos Verkaik is a Dutch author of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and children’s books. He started writing at the age of seven, composing adventurous stories in notebooks, and had his first writing assignment with the comic character Scotty Clay in the weekly Sjors when he was sixteen, writing four pages every week. Mr. Verkaik wrote his first novel, the science fiction thriller Adolar, during one weekend when only 18 years of age. The novel was published immediately. A seasoned children’s book writer, one of his series of books has sold over 450,000 copies in just the Netherlands! Koos has worked as a copywriter, script writer for audio books, song composer, and has written hundreds of scripts for comic books published all over Europe. Master of creating sensational works full of magic, horror, mystery and adventure, this terrific author called “the Dutch Stephen King” (European Penthouse Magazine), now writes for Righter’s Mill Press with the astounding novels HIM, After the UFO Crash and Dance of The Jester coming later this year and early 2020 respectively.

Visit Koos Verkaik’s website.

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