Hidden Dragon (Dragon Rising Urban Fantasy Series Book 1) by Trudi Jaye

I’ve been hunted my whole life…
…by enemies I’ve never even seen.
And now they’re about to catch up with me.

I’m on the run, my protectors are gone, and I don’t know who to trust.

Unanswered questions keep me awake at night. Why are they targeting me? Is there something more to my shapeshifting magic that I don’t understand?

What made my protectors so afraid?

I need answers, no matter what. I’ll dig out their secrets, piece by piece, using my own bloodied hands if need be.

But the closer I get to unlocking the mystery of my birth, the more I wish I’d stayed in hiding.

Uncovering my past might just save my life.

But it could also be what gets me killed…

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Hidden Dragon (Dragon Rising Urban Fantasy Series Book 1) by Trudi Jaye

A Review
“This is an action-packed story about a girl who is in danger from a group called the Earthbound, although she isn’t told exactly why. She’s almost 20, when she’s going to come into her powers, but doesn’t know what those powers are. The journey to answer these questions sees her captured by the bad guys (if they really are) and the good guys (if they really are) and then on the run from everybody. Her companions on the journey provide the romantic interest.

The story ended with a cliff hanger, and I immediately went to the author’s website to find out when the next installment will be released. It didn’t say, but I hope it won’t be long.”

~ Jennifer Foster

About Trudi Jaye
Trudi Jaye writes urban fantasy and young adult fiction. Her first series, The Dark Carnival, is set in a traveling circus where magic is a part of everyday life, and her Dragon Rising series is set in an alternate world where dragons are real…and about to come back from extinction.

She lives in New Zealand, on a rural property surrounded by horses (not her own) with her lovely husband and cheeky young daughter. Trudi enjoys yoga, although she’s not very bendy, and karate, although she doesn’t like the idea of hitting anyone.

Visit Trudi Jaye’s website.

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