Heart of the Lotus Book 4 of the Tales of the Children of Stone

As Marai makes plans to return to Ineb Hedj, he knows not all is settled. Old and new foes position themselves, each seeking control of the Children of Stone. New allies find strength and wisdom from beyond the stars, while older foes emerge from that which is hidden. Each destiny interacts and becomes a lotus petal in the Flower of Life.

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Heart of the Lotus Book 4 of the Tales of the Children of Stone


A Review
“Woldering’s series continues to show her deep knowledge of Ancient Egyptian, Summerian, and Semetic mythology and history, blending real figures who lived with mystical events. She feels in the gaps left in the recorded history of Ancient Egypt as her character contest with the events that shaped the mythologies for millennia to come.

Heart of the Lotus goes from revelation to tense situations, ending on a powerful moment. Events are moving and the true enemy of all may finally be revealed. Delve into the ancient past, to the believes of peoples who, though dead, have shaped our modern world down through the centuries.

A fabulous blend of history and fiction. Lovers of this genre need to check out this indie gem!”

~ Leland

About Mary R. Woldering
Heart of the Lotus Book 4 of the Tales of the Children of Stone Years ago, when I began to study mythology, it occurred to me that the gods and goddesses never seemed divine. They acted like super-talented people full of very human passions and shortcomings, appearing in different legends like threads woven into the tapestry of time and various cultures. This idea fascinated me and began a journey of recording and relating these stories. I weave them through all times and spaces as I chronicle all I have encountered.

Mary R. Woldering is an author, artisan, art historian, madwoman, visionary and devoted wife to Dr. Jackie F. Woldering, mother of Ruth and Thom and grandmother of four. She lives in Euclid, Ohio.

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