Hades’ Star: Hostile Takeover by Doug Wallace

A galaxy full of dying planets and exploding stars. Abandoned ruins with alien technology ripe for the taking. Just one small problem: they left a fleet to guard it. Who are the Cerberus and what are they hiding in Hades?

When the wormhole back to the Milky Way collapses, trapping the crew of the Icarus in the Hades Galaxy, they must face fleets of Cerberus ships, recover ancient alien technology, and outsmart rival corporations who’d just as soon see them dead. But scouring abandoned alien ruins on crumbling worlds for the secrets that will safely see them home is not for the faint of heart. Hades won’t give up its secrets so easily, and home? The memory of home fades with each passing day.

Fans of military sci-fi, space opera, fleet battles, and speculative physics will enjoy reading Hades’ Star: Hostile Takeover. Readers have described it as a mix between Star Trek: Enterprise and Starship Troopers. Action, romance, and mystery compel characters that will make you laugh. More importantly, they’ll make you wish you could suit right up beside them and take the fight to the bad guys. And sometimes, the bad guy is the person sitting next to you on the dropship. The pace never slows in this throwback to the page-turning sci-fi of yore.

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Hades' Star: Hostile Takeover by Doug Wallace

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About Doug Wallace

Hades' Star: Hostile Takeover by Doug Wallace Doug Wallace is an author of sci-fi and fantasy. His award-winning short stories have been published in several anthologies and magazines. When not writing, he can often be found wandering about the Wasatch Mountains of Utah where he lives with his four children.

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